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I’ll start by saying that I’ve been an animal lover and caretaker my whole life! When I was young, I would go around selling “flowers” (actually weeds) to the neighbors to help raise funds for the local animal shelter. While in high school, I was active in the local horse 4-H club and the Triple-R riding club.

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After high school, I attended UW-River Falls where I received my bachelor’s degree in equine science. From there, I worked on a few horse farms but realized I liked having horses as a hobby versus having to work on horse farms.


Fortunately, while interning at two pet grooming salons, I found that my true calling was pet grooming. In 2013, I opened my own salon in Antigo. Ever since I first opened the doors, my customers have all been so nice and welcoming!


Today, I live on a small hobby farm in Deerbrook with my fianc√©, Travis. We are joined by three dogs (Hannah, Ebony, and Fergie), five cats (Millie, Pearl, Lailah, Frankie and Pants), five horses (Skip, Razz, Cooper, Coupe, and Leggz), one goat (Delilah), and a pot-belly pig (Tilly). In my free time I’ve taken to and enjoy riding and showing my horses.¬†

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